I have come across this a few times, even from fellow referees acting as line judges, and I think some people have the mentality that the line judge position is more important that the servers position on the court.

The situation is when you have limited space behind the endline and the server wants to serve from the LJ side of the court. If the server wants to serve near the wall the LJ moves all the way back to the wall and refuses to move anymore. This forces the server to move to where they don’t want to or worse you get the server elbowing the LJ trying to get the room they want to serve.

In my opinion this is just an unexceptable situation. The LJ should simply take one step away from the server and move quickly back once they make contact. Unfortunately I have been told too often that “This is my spot and I am not moving”. As an R1 I would tell the LJ to move but as a player it is frustrating to deal with that mentality.

Does anyone else have an opinion on how to handle situations like this? A different opinion then mine?


David Slocum