The referee whistles, the server tosses the ball in the air and lets it drop to the floor.  The server then serves successfully.  Her team wins the point, and she tosses the ball for service and lets the ball drop again. Is that permitted more than once in a single serving rotation?


This is a great question regarding a situation that is often questioned by coaches.  In USAV play for 14-and-under age groups, the server may have a “re-toss” every time she serves-provided she allows the ball to drop to the floor untouched.  USAV Rule 12.4.4.d. states:  “One service tossing error is permitted for each service.”   Because she is allowed a re-toss, she has only 5 seconds in which to contact the ball for service.

For all other age divisions, no re-toss is allowed, and the server must contact the ball within the allowable 8 seconds.

Some coaches and players are unaware of this rule because in other rule sets that allow a “re-toss,” only one tossing error is permitted per term of service.