QUESTION: Is a double hit allowed on serve receive?

BRIAN HEMELGARN RESPONDS: The quick answer to this question is, “In USAV play, Yes!” Rule in the Domestic Competition Regulations (DCR) states, “At the first hit of the team (except 9.2.4), the ball may contact various parts of the body consecutively provided that the contacts occur during one action.”

The exception noted is Rule 9.2.4, which was added to the 2013-2015 DCR. However, the following note appears at the bottom of page 36: “*The application of this rule (9.2.4) has been postponed following the Board of Administration decision of April 5, 2013.”

Until further notice, Rule is still in force without exception, and it is not a violation to have a double contact on any first team contact–including the reception of service.