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Question: Serving Re-Toss

The referee whistles, the server tosses the ball in the air and lets it drop to the floor.  The server then serves successfully.  Her team wins the point, and she tosses the ball for service and lets the ball drop again. Is that permitted more than once in a single serving rotation? MICHAEL MCPOYLE RESPONDS: […]

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Infinitely Many Liberos

Between sets 1 and 2 of a regional tournament, the first referee noticed that team A’s Libero jersey #99, which had been worn by one player in the first set, was now being worn by a different player. When questioned by the second referee, the coach stated that the club’s director had only budgeted one […]

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Playing the Ball with Your Feet

Question: I understand players are allowed to use any part of their body, including feet, to hit the ball. However, previous interpretations of this rule said that when hitting a ball with your foot, your foot should not come off the ground. Otherwise you are kicking the ball, which seems dangerous to both teams on […]

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Libero “Double” Jersey

In the picture above, player #1 is designated as the Libero on the line-up sheet.  The regular players are wearing the jersey worn by #7. The referees determine that player #1 may not play as Libero because neither the Libero nor his teammates is wearing a solid color jersey. When the coach argues that the […]

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Rocket Ball

Team A sends the volleyball on a laser-line trajectory into the middle of the net, causing the net to sway at least a foot beyond vertical, whereupon team B’s middle blocker, swinging upward, hits the ball and the net simultaneously. Should a net fault be whistled? Is the answer dependent on whether it was team A’s first, […]

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