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Must Watch Video!

Care to comment on the learning moments here in this match from Romania? Anyone know Romanian? Would love to know what the commentators have to say here.

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Question: Double Hit on Serve Receive?

QUESTION: Is a double hit allowed on serve receive? BRIAN HEMELGARN RESPONDS: The quick answer to this question is, “In USAV play, Yes!” Rule in the Domestic Competition Regulations (DCR) states, “At the first hit of the team (except 9.2.4), the ball may contact various parts of the body consecutively provided that the contacts […]

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Question: When Is a Blocker “Close to the Net”?

QUESTION: I understand all the rules regarding blocking; however, what is the threshold of space a player may block in? For example, can a player block from 5-10 feet off the net? I tried to look through the rule book and did not see any specifications. STEVE THORPE RESPONDS: The rules do not state a […]

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