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Question: Co-Ed Blocking Rules

Question: I am looking for a rule on competitive co-ed blocking.  When is a male allowed to come from the back row to block, and when are they not permitted? STEVE WEBSTER responds: Co-ed rules can be found starting on page 108 of the 2013-15 DCR.  The rule you are looking for is 1.4: 1.4 When only […]

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Question: “In” or “Out”?

The following question was recently submitted to the blog:  “If the ball hits the line, is it “in” or “out”? BRIAN HEMELGARN responds: This is a basic question with a straightforward answer.  Rule 8.3 states, “The ball is ‘in’ when it touches the floor of the playing court including the boundary lines.”  Rule 8.4.1 states, […]

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