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Question: Blocker contact with setter’s hands over the net

A player reaches across the net and contact’s the setters hands clearly after the setter has released the ball towards and outside hitter. Is this a violation or not? Answer: Good for you for seeing that contact. Extra credit for distinguishing the blocker’s contact with the setter’s after the hands after the setter has made […]

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Question: Duplicate jersey numbers

In a match as first referee, the Libero was #5 in middle back. A sub wearing a jersey with #5 on it came to the line to substitute for the right front. I signaled for illegal sub and refused entry for the sub. What is the proper procedure to allow the sub to play (–i.e. […]

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Illegal Libero Replacement Scenario

Team A loses a routine rally; Team B wins the point and goes back to serve.  Prior to the beckon, Team B sends up a sub, #11 in for #12 with the expectation that #11 be the server.  The scoresheet reveals that #11 was in the starting lineup, and should be in the process of rotating […]

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Ball Blocked Back Into Attacker: Block or First Hit?

A player attacks a ball into a block that rebounds back into the attacker.  If the attacker is near the net (within arms length) and is still above the net when the ball contacts him, is that contact a block (since it is a ball coming from the opposition, albeit from the opponent’s block) or […]

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