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Question: Ace or replay on set point?

13U match.  Set point and the server serves an ace serve to win the set. The opposing coach yells foot fault.  The line judge said she didn’t see it, wasn’t looking.  The R1 signals replay.  Is that the right call?  (Fans that witnessed it said there was no foot fault.) Answer: According to the situation […]

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Refereeing from a player’s perspective

Editor’s Note: What follows is an email from a player that was forwarded to from one of USAV’s regional referee chairs. Too often, the only feedback we get as referees is in the heat of the moment and from a coach/player unhappy about the call or the loss of a set or match.  Instead, […]

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Question: Server loses the ball after whistle

Juniors 15+, so no re-toss is allowed.  After the whistle for service, if the server loses the ball, can the server go get it and still serve as long as they have not tossed it in the air and do so within 8 seconds? Answer:  A combination of rules are in place here. According to […]

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Question: Player twice on lineup (Libero AND starter)

#32 is listed as the Libero & as one of the starting 6 players (no one caught it until start time). So #32 must play as the Libero with a legal Libero uniform, etc. Is the infraction an inaccurate line up & therefore a point & service to the opponent? Answer: After the line-up has […]

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Sports in America, Epilogue — by James Michner

Posted on behalf of John Kessel, who oversees grassroots development and disabled volleyball at USA Volleyball. Thought our amazing USAV officiating family might find this of value too…and officials enjoyed my blog on “What Can a Player Control”. Here is Michner’s Epilogue In the final three chapters of this book I have been preoccupied […]

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Two hypothetical scenarios…

Two separate hypothetical situations for y’all (actually both happened last week when I was on the stand with no patched officials on site): 1) Outside hitter contacts the ball for her team’s third contact. Ball hits the tape, and is not contacted at all by the blocking team. Ball then lands out of bounds on […]

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Question: Back row setter in the front row

Can a server who is in the back row move to the front row and change spots with that player.  I have told our coaches that is illegal movement.  In this case the server is the teams setter and she moved to the front row after each serve. Answer: Players must maintain their proper rotational […]

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Missing injured player / ex sub question

A team has 8 players including one Libero and one sub on the bench, #5.   After the Libero replaces player #12, #12 asks to go to the trainer while the Libero is in the game.  Player #5 has already been in the game at a different position than the person the Libero replaced (#12).   […]

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