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Closed Poll: Beads in Player’s Hair

THE POLL A player is wearing a hairstyle that contains beads fastened at the ends of the hair. What’s the call? Beads are illegal and must be removed (both juniors and adults). — 36% Beads are legal and do not need to be removed (both juniors and adults). — 6% The first referee must determine […]

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Question: Clarify Libero replacement

Can you explain Rule regarding Libero replacements? If a team has a Libero in for a player in the 5 position and the team wins a rally and that position then rotates to the 4 position, and the player the Libero was in for returns to the set, does the Libero need to wait […]

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Now THAT’s a rally — Part II

Reader NK shared this great clip from a men’s match, complete with great digs, a pancake, and successful pursuit of a ball blocked outside the antenna. Enjoy.

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The double hit call

I have a question regarding the double hit. In most sports a rule is in place to prevent one team from gaining an advantage over the other. So, in volleyball what advantage is gained when there might be a very slight difference (micro second) when the hands makes contact ? This is one rule where […]

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Now THAT’s a rally

When you watch the clip below, you will see an incredible example of a great rally from the Chinese National League. The rally lasts for over two minutes and features great execution of attack, block, defense, and counter attack with fantastic endurance by both teams involved. These are the kind of rallies we all want […]

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Question: Grabbing the pole

What is the rule on a player grabbing the pole to save a ball from going out of bounds, hitting it back into that player’s court where they get a kill? Is that a legal play? Answer: To answer your question directly, the pole may not be used as a support during a playing action […]

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Spot the fault!

Can you spot the fault? What should be the correct call? Why? (Notice that neither referee realized what happened) How, as the R2, would you handle the situation with the R1 if you suddenly realized what had happened? With the coach? Since the situation wasn’t questioned, would you still attempt to correct the call after […]

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Question: When to blow the whistle?

When do you blow the whistle? Is it when you make the signal for what happened or when you put your hand out to give whichever team a point? Answer: There are three separate and distinct actions the first referee should take at the end of a play. First, the referee blows the whistle immediately […]

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Question: Does Libero by match “cheat” players?

Some coaches apparently feel players are being “cheated” by being designated as the Liberos for the match and not just the set. Can a designated Libero don a regular team jersey in the second set and become a hitter, and if so, can they return to the Libero role in third set? I don’t see […]

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Question: Incorrect server discovered during line-up check

If an incorrect server is discovered during a line-up check that was requested during an interruption of a rally, (i.e. ball on the court, etc…) is this a penalty?  Below is the reference found in rules clarification section. Completed Rally: Rule 6.1.3, Rule 15 2.With regard to the definition of a completed rally, if a […]

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