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Question on ball-handling… what do you think?

Editor’s Note: This question recently arrived in the inbox. Rather than answering for just one reader, the question is posted for everyone to benefit. Q: For a first contact when a double hit is no longer a whistle, no matter how mishandled the contact is… The USAV directive is that for first contact, unless […]

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No-call on serve receive?

Hello! I know that first ball contacts are rarely called but is this a particular case where it should have been? I have slowed the clip down. Call or no-call? Thanks for your input! Is this pass legal?

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Preparing for the USAV official exams

For many officials, they feel the most nervous not in the moments leading up to a big match, or climbing the stand for an important rating session, but before taking their USAV referee or scorer exam each year.  There is certainly something to be nervous about if need you need a high score to be […]

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