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Remember when

For many of us who have been officiating for quite awhile, remembering those first few years requires some extensive thought. We’ve grown in so many ways, and added so many learned experiences to that beginning official, that it is difficult to remember what a blank page we were. Remember when just blowing our whistles required […]

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You can’t make this stuff up…

While working a DIII collegiate match as an R2 recently (with work study students as a work crew), I took a peek at the serving team on their first serve of the match. The server was in position 1, near the sideline on the R1 side of the court. Standing right behind her was the […]

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Closed poll: Interference with pursuit attempt

THE POLL Pursuit rule in effect. Player R2 legally chases a ball into the external space of Team S. Before she plays the ball, S4 intentionally interferes with R2’s attempt to play the ball. What’s the call? Penetration fault on S4; point and service to Team R. AND then individual sanction for S4; point and […]

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