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You’re calling a foul on ME?

A fun piece from Sports Illustrated… I’ll let you draw your own parallels. You’re calling a foul on ME? by Steve Rushin You call that a foul? You called that a foul? You called THAT a FOUL on … ME? When I didn’t touch the guy? When I barely brushed the guy?! If anything, HE […]

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HS referee hit in face by player

From: You can find video of the incident by clicking on the WSVN’s Video link and searching for Volleyball. MIAMI (WSVN) — A high school referee is speaking out after a volleyball player allegedly hit her in the face during a game. Olivia Harrington has been a high school referee for more than 10 […]

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My Ethical Delima

As a relatively new referee, I try too hard to get everything right, and I try really hard to be the referee that players do not dislike. I am trying to learn how not to over officiate. Twice now I have had matches in which the coaches were out of line. By staying calm and […]

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This happened to me last weekend.  I would like to know if I made the right call.  Of course, I’m not telling what I ended up calling. 14U match.  Server went back to serve.  I blew my whistle and beckoned for serve.  The coach and players realized that the player getting ready to serve was […]

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What is the proper call?

Player B5 overpasses a ball that hits the net, and player A3 makes contact with the ball and net about 6″ down from the top to direct the ball to the floor. The net was pushed toward player A5 and A3 definitely pushed down and forward in the net. My call was a net violation […]

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What call do you go with?

Ball handling

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Illegal serve or not?

I was officiating as R1 at 14s Regionals and saw two volleyball players from each team serving the ball underhanded by hitting the ball right out of their non-serving hand without a clear visualization of tossing or releasing of the ball. I called an illegal serve and award a point to the opponent each time […]

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Through the net!

During an extended rally, team A sent a hard-driven ball towards the top of the net. The ball landed on team B’s court. After receiving a point, team A’s head coach informed the first referee that the ball had, in fact, travelled through the net, not over it! The first referee got down from the […]

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