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Closed poll: Libero hand set

THE POLL Team A’s Libero, in the front zone, uses finger action to set the ball, which enters the plane of the net. Her MB and Team B’s MB contact the ball simultaneously (joust). What’s the call? Point Team B. Illegal attack of hand set by Libero. – 78% Play on. – 22% TOM BLUE […]

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Back row attack?

Back row attack? Or not? What are the key components? How would you like to see the R1 and R2 best handle the situation?

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What fault?

I know this occurred in a collegiate setting, but it falls in the category of Things You Don’t See Every Day (and the rule set is irrelevant). It’s a little hard to see in the clip, but the server stepped on the end line before contacting the ball. So… What’s the proper call? Foot fault? […]

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