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What’s wrong with this?

1) Watch this clip. 2)¬†Watch it again and identify what’s wrong. 3) Have a good giggle (and be glad you didn’t miss this one) What would you have done if you were the R1? The R2? Now, think about it this way… What would you have done if you were the coach of the team […]

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Delay sanction? Individual Sanction?

A reader question… Please chime in with your thoughts. As far as I can ascertain, the 2009-2011 USAV Domestic Competition Regulations (DCR) does not explicitly state a penalty for a team not following the change of court protocol found on page 179-180, section 8a and on page 120, item #23. I appreciate the recent (2/8/10) […]

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Closed Poll: R1 and delay sanctions

The Poll: You’re R1. Red has just run 5 points. Blue coach gets up as if to make a sub but never gives the signal or actually requests sub. There is a discussion w/R2 that you judge is delaying. What to do? Do nothing. The R2 has control over this situation. — 54% Blow my […]

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Coach goes WAY over the line

You’re the R1. What would you do if this occured on your court? How bout if you’re the R2 and the R1 didn’t chose the sanction that you’d like to see? How bout if you were the R1 and didn’t really see what occured? MIKE CARTER’S RESPONSE As the R1 is closer than the video […]

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