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Coin Toss

Resently I have seen a couple of differnet ways to handle the coin toss. Which is the correct way. Do you ask the captains to call heads or tails, or do you assign each team captain either heads or tials then flip the coin?

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Where is everyone?

At local, regional, or national tournaments, referees are ALWAYS sharing war stories and asking “What would you do?” Well, this blog is the perfect forum for just that, but people aren’t posting. What’s going on? I’m sure there are piles of lurkers out there who just haven’t signed up (it’s free, btw). Come on, join […]

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Double Whistle

The R1 whistled a back row attack at the same instant the R2 whistled a net violation on the opposing team.   Did the BRA occur first?  Should the R2 have seen the BRA violation?  Or did the R2 believe the net occurred first, thus whistling the net violation?

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Closed Poll: Athletic contact?

Due to video rights, we no can no longer display this video. Does this play justify latitude for athletic play given the USA Volleyball ball handling guidelines? Yes. Legal play. No whistle. (34 votes, 61%) No. Double contact. (54 votes, 39%) MIKE CARTER RESPONDS: Based on the camera angle provided, I can clearly see a […]

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Re: Floor differences

In the specific case of the Orlando Sports Center  on one  side of some of the courts, there exists floor differences (concrete and metal). My question is? Can a player prepare for service and be in contact with either of  these surfaces, since these surfaces are at the  same level as the floor of the […]

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Re: What to do about innappropriate comments

SITUATION: During warm-ups before a girl’s 17s match, my partner made some comments about the attractiveness of players on one of the teams. I was dumfounded. My partner was someone I work with occasionally but don’t know well. What should I do? Is there someone I should report it to? MIKE CARTER’S RESPONSE: First of […]

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