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Quality of the refereeing during a match.

I would like to place a situation that in my opinion must increase and improve the level of the quality of the refereeing during a match. In the case of semifinals in the divisions Open 15′ s 16′ s  17′ s and 18′ s in matches that involve high level of the teams, it would be […]

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Floor differences

In the specific case of the Orlando Sports Center  on one  side of some of the courts, there exists floor differences (concrete and metal). My question is? Can a player prepare for service and be in contact with either of  these surfaces, since these surfaces are at the  same level as the floor of the […]

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Great Site!

This is an outstanding site!  Kudos to those responsible for its development and implementation!!

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Do I call EVERY set?

SITUATION: A setter was bad. REALLY bad. She was so bad during warmups that I asked her coach to please ask his setter to tighten up her hands. He responded, “That’s the best she can do. What you see is what you’re going to get.” So now what? Do I call her hands for the […]

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What to do about inappropriate comments?

SITUATION: During warm-ups before a girl’s 17s match, my partner made some comments about the attractiveness of players on one of the teams. I was dumfounded. My partner was someone I work with occasionally but don’t know well. What should I do? Is there someone I should report it to?

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SITUATION: I was R1 at a boy’s 18 tournament. When one team was jump serving, The bench players of the other team was yelling “Jump!” at the top of their lungs. The serving team’s coach was upset and asked me to stop this behavior. I didn’t, but afterwards he was really hot about how it […]

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Substitution issue

SITUATION: While the call on last play was being explained to one coach, the other team sent two subs to enter the match.  Upon completion of dealing with the first coach, R2 authorized entry for the first set of subs. He then his attention to the SK and missed the second sub who entered the […]

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Interference over the net?

SITUATION: A setter is near the net attempting to set a ball.  The opponents reach over in a blocking motion, but does not contact the ball, but distracts the setter who mishandles the ball as a result.  Is this interference?  Would that judgment be affected by whether the setter was front row or back row? […]

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Rule Comparison between USAV and NCAA

COMPARISON OF SIGNIFICANT RULES NCAA Women’s Rules and USAV Domestic Competition Regulations 2008-2009 Available here »»

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USA Volleyball/PAVO Certification Reciprocity Agreement

The certification reciprocity agreement establishes criteria for PAVO and USAV referees to acquire a rating in the other organization without having to undergo the entire prerequisite training and evaluation process. This agreement was developed to encourage referees to work at various levels of competition by streamlining the certification path, recognizing their prior qualifications from PAVO […]

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