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Refereeing from a player’s perspective

Editor’s Note: What follows is an email from a player that was forwarded to VolleyballRefTraining.com from one of USAV’s regional referee chairs. Too often, the only feedback we get as referees is in the heat of the moment and from a coach/player unhappy about the call or the loss of a set or match.  Instead, […]

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Sports in America, Epilogue — by James Michner

Posted on behalf of John Kessel, who oversees grassroots development and disabled volleyball at USA Volleyball. Thought our amazing USAV officiating family might find this of value too…and officials enjoyed my blog on “What Can a Player Control”. http://usavolleyball.org/blogs/growing-the-game-together-blog Here is Michner’s Epilogue In the final three chapters of this book I have been preoccupied […]

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The double hit call

I have a question regarding the double hit. In most sports a rule is in place to prevent one team from gaining an advantage over the other. So, in volleyball what advantage is gained when there might be a very slight difference (micro second) when the hands makes contact ? This is one rule where […]

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Now THAT’s a rally

When you watch the clip below, you will see an incredible example of a great rally from the Chinese National League. The rally lasts for over two minutes and features great execution of attack, block, defense, and counter attack with fantastic endurance by both teams involved. These are the kind of rallies we all want […]

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Preparing for the USAV official exams

For many officials, they feel the most nervous not in the moments leading up to a big match, or climbing the stand for an important rating session, but before taking their USAV referee or scorer exam each year.  There is certainly something to be nervous about if need you need a high score to be […]

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Remember when

For many of us who have been officiating for quite awhile, remembering those first few years requires some extensive thought. We’ve grown in so many ways, and added so many learned experiences to that beginning official, that it is difficult to remember what a blank page we were. Remember when just blowing our whistles required […]

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You can’t make this stuff up…

While working a DIII collegiate match as an R2 recently (with work study students as a work crew), I took a peek at the serving team on their first serve of the match. The server was in position 1, near the sideline on the R1 side of the court. Standing right behind her was the […]

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You’re calling a foul on ME?

A fun piece from Sports Illustrated… I’ll let you draw your own parallels. You’re calling a foul on ME? by Steve Rushin You call that a foul? You called that a foul? You called THAT a FOUL on … ME? When I didn’t touch the guy? When I barely brushed the guy?! If anything, HE […]

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HS referee hit in face by player

From: www.wsvn.com/news/articles/local/21004043545932 You can find video of the incident by clicking on the WSVN’s Video link and searching for Volleyball. MIAMI (WSVN) — A high school referee is speaking out after a volleyball player allegedly hit her in the face during a game. Olivia Harrington has been a high school referee for more than 10 […]

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My Ethical Delima

As a relatively new referee, I try too hard to get everything right, and I try really hard to be the referee that players do not dislike. I am trying to learn how not to over officiate. Twice now I have had matches in which the coaches were out of line. By staying calm and […]

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