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’12 Olympic Report — Terry Lawton & Sue Lemaire #14

It is the 13th of August and our last day in London.  We feel like we have been here for a long time.  We are ready to come home.  We are packed and the taxi is coming to get us at 3 am on the 14th.  We fly to Dusseldorf, Germany and then have a […]

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’12 Olympic Report — Terry Lawton & Sue Lemaire #13

We raked our last sand volleyball court!  We quickly put away our rakes, towels, brooms, shovels, net measuring pole, clean and dirty towels, emptied the water coolers, turned in our ball bags and headed to center court to watch the men’s gold medal match.  The two winning teams today warmed up on Sue’s court again.  […]

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’12 Olympic Report — Terry Lawton & Sue Lemaire #12

We watched the Gold Medal match last evening.  Misty and Kerri and April and Jen played very well.  It was a beautiful warm evening with no rain.  The scores were 21 – 16 in both sets as Misty and Kerri consistently moved ahead of April and Jen. They all fought hard and their desire for […]

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’12 Olympic Report — Dan Apol #4

Last post until I get home.  It has been an incredible experience, and getting ready for the Men’s Gold and Bronze matches tonight.  At this time I am unaware if I will be working tonight, So stay tuned to your television or Computer! And what an incredible feeling to hear my National Anthem played last […]

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’12 Olympic Report — Terry Lawton & Sue Lemaire #11

The last several days have been a little shorter but no less exciting. We do not have to be at the venue at 7 am but can arrive at a leisurely 3 pm for the evening matches.  That sounds amazing but remember the TV wants to show these matches live in the US and China […]

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London 2012 – From the jury table

It’s day 10 of the competition and exhaustion hit, right on schedule. I finally got to sleep more than five hours last night and I needed it. The time demands of match assignments, meetings, keeping up with the documentation and going back and forth to the arena eventually takes its toll. At other events that […]

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’12 Olympic Report — Dan Apol #3

Hey, day #8 of play and still smiling. Things going pretty good on my side, but lucky enough not to have real strange things happen to me in my matches.  Today I was the first referee for a Women’s quarterfinal, China against Austria.  Pretty straightforward match as far as reffing goes, and no problems.  Tomorrow […]

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A Day in the Life of an Olympic Linesjudge

Greetings all from London and the Games of the XXX Olympiad. This is a typical day in the life of an Olympic Linesjudge – Saturday, August 4th to be exact. 7:00am  –  Get up for shower etc.  Am working the 11:30 match, so looking to catch the 8:30am shuttle bus to the venue. 7:45  –  […]

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’12 Olympic Report — Terry Lawton & Sue Lemaire #10

It is amazing that we are now down to the quarterfinals. The USA has done well and we have 3 beach teams left. Rogers and Dalhauser lost unexpectedly. We understand that Rogers hurt his hamstring. They were on my warm up court and I thought that they were taking more time to prepare their bodies […]

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’12 Olympic Report — Terry Lawton & Sue Lemaire #9

It seems like it has been a long time since I got a moment to write. We have now worked 5 days in a row. It is far more physical than Sue and I expected.  They have a limit on the number of volunteers and the hours we could be scheduled to work. But once […]

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