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Wearing Gloves in Indoor Volleyball?

The following question was submitted to our website:  “Are there any rules regarding wearing gloves in indoor volleyball?” PAUL ALBRIGHT, USAV INDOOR RULES INTERPRETER, RESPONDS: While the rules do not specifically address the wearing of gloves during play, Rule 4.5.1 states, “It is forbidden to wear objects which may cause injury or give an artificial […]

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Questions: Play at the Net

The following questions were submitted to our blog: 1) How many times can one player recover a ball that is hit into the net? If the ball hits the net during play, and a player recovers it but it hits the net again, can the same player recover it? 2) Is it a fault when […]

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Question: center line penetration after ball is down

Hi, Could you please clarify whether a center-line fault should be called after the ball is down? For example, in a situation where the attacker hits the ball, the ball hits the floor, and then the attacker’s motion continues and he/she lands on the other side of the court? Would the outcome be different if […]

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Question: Serving Re-Toss

The referee whistles, the server tosses the ball in the air and lets it drop to the floor.  The server then serves successfully.  Her team wins the point, and she tosses the ball for service and lets the ball drop again. Is that permitted more than once in a single serving rotation? MICHAEL MCPOYLE RESPONDS: […]

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Playing the Ball with Your Feet

Question: I understand players are allowed to use any part of their body, including feet, to hit the ball. However, previous interpretations of this rule said that when hitting a ball with your foot, your foot should not come off the ground. Otherwise you are kicking the ball, which seems dangerous to both teams on […]

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Question: Blocking in “Water Volleyball”

The following question was submitted to our blog: “We play ‘water volleyball’ in a swimming pool at a senior recreational club. We are all over 55, and we want to clarify blocking. Because of an injury, one of our players cannot raise his right arm up to block, so he blocks with one hand only. […]

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Question: Double Hit on Serve Receive?

QUESTION: Is a double hit allowed on serve receive? BRIAN HEMELGARN RESPONDS: The quick answer to this question is, “In USAV play, Yes!” Rule in the Domestic Competition Regulations (DCR) states, “At the first hit of the team (except 9.2.4), the ball may contact various parts of the body consecutively provided that the contacts […]

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Question: When Is a Blocker “Close to the Net”?

QUESTION: I understand all the rules regarding blocking; however, what is the threshold of space a player may block in? For example, can a player block from 5-10 feet off the net? I tried to look through the rule book and did not see any specifications. STEVE THORPE RESPONDS: The rules do not state a […]

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Question: Co-Ed Blocking Rules

Question: I am looking for a rule on competitive co-ed blocking.  When is a male allowed to come from the back row to block, and when are they not permitted? STEVE WEBSTER responds: Co-ed rules can be found starting on page 108 of the 2013-15 DCR.  The rule you are looking for is 1.4: 1.4 When only […]

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Question: “In” or “Out”?

The following question was recently submitted to the blog:  “If the ball hits the line, is it “in” or “out”? BRIAN HEMELGARN responds: This is a basic question with a straightforward answer.  Rule 8.3 states, “The ball is ‘in’ when it touches the floor of the playing court including the boundary lines.”  Rule 8.4.1 states, […]

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