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Must Watch Video!

Care to comment on the learning moments here in this match from Romania? Anyone know Romanian? Would love to know what the commentators have to say here.

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A Great Cartoon About What it is Like to be a Volleyball Official

A special thank you to Ryan Lacson for creating this.

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Beach question: Hand set over the net

In beach volleyball, a question concerning a open handed set shot over the net: I read that shoulders must be squared, feet set and ball must be perpendicular, but how can you judge if the ball is being directed with the fingers?¬† Is there a certain height minimum that the trajectory must have or something […]

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Now THAT’s a rally — Part II

Reader NK shared this great clip from a men’s match, complete with great digs, a pancake, and successful pursuit of a ball blocked outside the antenna. Enjoy.

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Now THAT’s a rally

When you watch the clip below, you will see an incredible example of a great rally from the Chinese National League. The rally lasts for over two minutes and features great execution of attack, block, defense, and counter attack with fantastic endurance by both teams involved. These are the kind of rallies we all want […]

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Spot the fault!

Can you spot the fault? What should be the correct call? Why? (Notice that neither referee realized what happened) How, as the R2, would you handle the situation with the R1 if you suddenly realized what had happened? With the coach? Since the situation wasn’t questioned, would you still attempt to correct the call after […]

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No-call on serve receive?

Hello! I know that first ball contacts are rarely called but is this a particular case where it should have been? I have slowed the clip down. Call or no-call? Thanks for your input! Is this pass legal?

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Back row attack?

Back row attack? Or not? What are the key components? How would you like to see the R1 and R2 best handle the situation?

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What fault?

I know this occurred in a collegiate setting, but it falls in the category of Things You Don’t See Every Day (and the rule set is irrelevant). It’s a little hard to see in the clip, but the server stepped on the end line before contacting the ball. So… What’s the proper call? Foot fault? […]

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What’s wrong with this?

1) Watch this clip. 2)¬†Watch it again and identify what’s wrong. 3) Have a good giggle (and be glad you didn’t miss this one) What would you have done if you were the R1? The R2? Now, think about it this way… What would you have done if you were the coach of the team […]

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