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Wearing Gloves in Indoor Volleyball?

The following question was submitted to our website:  “Are there any rules regarding wearing gloves in indoor volleyball?” PAUL ALBRIGHT, USAV INDOOR RULES INTERPRETER, RESPONDS: While the rules do not specifically address the wearing of gloves during play, Rule 4.5.1 states, “It is forbidden to wear objects which may cause injury or give an artificial […]

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Infinitely Many Liberos

Between sets 1 and 2 of a regional tournament, the first referee noticed that team A’s Libero jersey #99, which had been worn by one player in the first set, was now being worn by a different player. When questioned by the second referee, the coach stated that the club’s director had only budgeted one […]

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Rocket Ball

Team A sends the volleyball on a laser-line trajectory into the middle of the net, causing the net to sway at least a foot beyond vertical, whereupon team B’s middle blocker, swinging upward, hits the ball and the net simultaneously. Should a net fault be whistled? Is the answer dependent on whether it was team A’s first, […]

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Question: Finger Action on the Beach?

Question: As a league and tournament director, I have a couple of questions that come up that are for beach volleyball (mainly for 2v2 and 4v4). When it comes to using finger-action to receive or contact the ball, must it be “clean?”  For a novice referee, what is best way to “learn” to recognize a […]

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Time-out Tie

It was late in the first set, team A had already used one time-out and was leading by one point when, just before the first referee beckoned team B to serve, the head coaches simultaneously requested a time-out (TO). After blowing his/her whistle, what should the second referee do? • Not allow a TO, because […]

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VB pileup

During a rally, a ball from an adjacent court rolls onto the court near the first referee’s sideline whereupon the “rally” ball lands on top of the “rolling” ball. Should the referee call a replay (as per rule 17.2 “external interference”) or should he/she consider the rolling ball part of the floor and make an […]

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Question: Caught/thrown when tipping the ball?

Question: When a player is tipping the ball, in what circumstances would you call a catch/throw? Answer: Let’s say for example that the player’s wrist is parallel to the floor and not in a forward motion. Rule 9.2.2 states that the ball must not be caught and/or thrown. It can rebound in any direction. Rule […]

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Beach question: Hand set over the net

In beach volleyball, a question concerning a open handed set shot over the net: I read that shoulders must be squared, feet set and ball must be perpendicular, but how can you judge if the ball is being directed with the fingers?  Is there a certain height minimum that the trajectory must have or something […]

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Question: Blocker contact with setter’s hands over the net

A player reaches across the net and contact’s the setters hands clearly after the setter has released the ball towards and outside hitter. Is this a violation or not? Answer: Good for you for seeing that contact. Extra credit for distinguishing the blocker’s contact with the setter’s after the hands after the setter has made […]

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Question: Duplicate jersey numbers

In a match as first referee, the Libero was #5 in middle back. A sub wearing a jersey with #5 on it came to the line to substitute for the right front. I signaled for illegal sub and refused entry for the sub. What is the proper procedure to allow the sub to play (–i.e. […]

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