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Closed Poll: Back Row Situation

THE POLL In the scenario pictured below, the setter on the left (#3) is a back-row player and is making the team’s second contact.  As a referee, what call, if any, would you make? No fault; play continues. (20%) Reaching over by the blockers, team on the left gets the point. (12%) Attack-hit fault on […]

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Closed Poll: Foot Fault vs Positional Fault

THE POLL Team S is called for a foot fault, and Team R is called for illegal alignment at the same time. What is the correct call? Positional fault on Team R. Team S gets the point. (3%) Foot fault on Team S. Team R gets the point. (69%) Double fault. Replay. (28%) DAVE SPENCER […]

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Closed Poll: Libero Redesignation

THE POLL The Eagles declared two Liberos for the match on their first set line up. During set one, one of the Liberos is disqualified by the first referee. In the same set, the other Libero becomes injured The team can re-designate two Liberos, and neither of the original Liberos may return to play in […]

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Closed Poll: Back Row Block or Not?

THE POLL #1 on the left is a BR player. What’s the call? (Try in real time) Reaching over net fault on White (19%) Illegal block fault on Black (70%) First contact; play on (11%) Total Voters:  231 MICHELLE PRATER RESPONDS: There are two main points to consider when watching this video. The first thing […]

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Closed Poll: Center Line Action

THE POLL Watch for the action at the center line. What’s the right call? Play is legal, no fault to whistle (31%) Not enough information to make a decision (17%) Center line violation on the team in blue (40%) Center line violation on the team in white (12%) Total Voters: 864 DONNIE GOODWIN RESPONDS: This […]

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Closed Poll: Beads in Player’s Hair

THE POLL A player is wearing a hairstyle that contains beads fastened at the ends of the hair. What’s the call? Beads are illegal and must be removed (both juniors and adults). — 36% Beads are legal and do not need to be removed (both juniors and adults). — 6% The first referee must determine […]

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Closed poll: Interference with pursuit attempt

THE POLL Pursuit rule in effect. Player R2 legally chases a ball into the external space of Team S. Before she plays the ball, S4 intentionally interferes with R2’s attempt to play the ball. What’s the call? Penetration fault on S4; point and service to Team R. AND then individual sanction for S4; point and […]

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Closed poll: Libero hand set

THE POLL Team A’s Libero, in the front zone, uses finger action to set the ball, which enters the plane of the net. Her MB and Team B’s MB contact the ball simultaneously (joust). What’s the call? Point Team B. Illegal attack of hand set by Libero. – 78% Play on. – 22% TOM BLUE […]

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Closed poll: Reaching under the net

THE POLL R2 blocks S4’s attack. R2 reaches under the net & contacts the ball on Team S’s side but before Team S has an opportunity to play it. What fault should the R1 signal in awarding the ball to Team S? Ball Out (Signal #15) – 5% Reaching beyond the net (Signal #20) – 28% […]

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Closed poll: 4 hits or touch?

The Poll: You are the R2… In a tightly contested match, Black blocks an attack by Gold. You clearly see the ball blocked. R1 whistles and calls 4 hits. Gold’s bench explodes. What do you do? Walk across the court to tell R1 you have a touch. — 4% Step to sideline to indicate to […]

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