Coin toss girls
There are many questions that arise during the course of our refereeing careers. Here is a site that will help you answer so many of those questions, and see what goes on in other areas of refereeing. This blog is to help answer questions about rules, techniques, and mechanics for refereeing in USA Volleyball. The topics and discussions include:

  • How other referees of varying experience levels handle the same situation that you might have encountered during a match.
  • How different areas of the country handle their certification and training.
  • How other referees of varying levels handled the stress and scheduling of volleyball alongside work and family obligations.

Do you have tips for others in these or other areas? The referee cadre would love to hear them!

In addition, the blog features polls about handling situations that arise during a match, as well as video clips for instruction, training, or “You make the call.”

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The blog is moderated by a panel of USA Volleyball Officials Commission leadership, head referees, and raters (including, but not limited to):

  • Paul Albright
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  • Brian Hemelgarn
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  • Donna Wigton

We will answer your questions as frequently as possible, pose questions received from this and other sources, and keep watch over the postings.

Thank you.