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USAV Domestic Competition Regulations

2015-2017 USAV Indoor Domestic Competition Regulations(DCR) in PDF Format

2015-2017 Indoor



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Digital versions of the 2015-17 DCR (indoor, beach, or combined) are available on mobile devices.

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Download the free VolleyballUSA app and then purchase the regulations. The indoor and beach DCRs are available for $1.99 each. The combined book is available for $2.99.

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The 2015-2017 USAV Indoor DCR will be available for puchase by September 25th.




USAV Indoor Case Book

USAV Indoor Case Book

USAV Indoor Case Book

Current as of February 4th, 2016

The USAV Indoor Case Book now contains all interpretations prior to the current season. For all rules interpretations, please reference that document. If you can’t find an interpretation you are looking for, please contact your referee chair, or email the situation to Kathy Ferraraccio and Steve Webster who will work with the indoor rules interpreter to get the correct interpretation into the Case Book. Thank you.



Please Note...

The chronology of interpretations from past years is no longer included here. The USAV Indoor Case Book now contains all interpretations prior to the current season. For all rules interpretations, please reference that document. Rules interpretations for the current year will be posted below as they become available.

2015-2016 Rules Interpretations

Jersey Interpretation Gallery

Updated January 25, 2016

A compilation of uniform, jersey, and jersey combinations by the USAV Rules Interpreter, Paul Albright. The photo gallery is sorted with the most recent rulings at the top of the document.

Download Jersey Interpretation Gallery

2015-16 Solid-Colored Jersey Modifications

Updated August 2015 - Watch the NEW training module.

2014-2015 Rules Interpretations

2014-15 Solid-Colored Jersey Modifications

In an effort to alleviate some confusion over the solid colored jersey rule that went into effect on September 1, 2014, and to ease the transition to the new rule, the Rules Commission has agreed to the following modified interpretations for the coming season. Downlaod the following materials for more information.

Download 2014-15 Solid-Colored Jersey Rule Fact Sheet
Download 2014-15 Solid-Colored Jersey Rule Summary Sheet

2015-2016 Rule Comparisons

Summary Comparison

2015-16 NCAA/USAV Rules Comparisons


Summary Comparison



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Please Note

USAV 4.1.3 b should read: If rosters are used for a match, at least 10 minutes before the start of each match, including tournament play, each team shall submit a roster listing the names and uniform numbers of players eligible to participate in the match. The coach or team captain must sign the roster. A roster may be changed at any time during the match, but only to correct a uniform number. However, if the coach or game captain requests such a number change, that team will be charged with a penalty point. A roster may not be changed to add a player at any time after having been signed by the coach or team captain.