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USA Volleyball Officials Applications

No matter if you are applying for your Junior National referee certification, you want to work as a scorer monitor at one of the JNC tournaments, or are looking for instructions to apply for your National scorer rating, you will find the information here!

Indoor Applications

International Referee applications for the 2018-2019 season will be available soon.

Register as a Guest Official on Webpoint

Officials that are members of a different volleyball federation but want to officiate USA Volleyball events may do so. They still need to meet USAV’s background screening and SafeSport requirements. The new process outlined below will allow for requirements for these individuals to be tracked in the membership database.

An event has been created in the database for guest officials that outlines all necessary steps for officials to meet their safety requirements and allow them to pay for the background screenings online. It also creates a user account (no membership) in the database.

The steps for a guest official to follow are clearly outlined on Webpoint.

In addition, USAV will verify that the each official is in good standing with their own federation and a certification will appear in their account listing about this. And, equivalency certifications will be created and noted in the membership database.

For Sportwrench Officials Registration

Information on guest will be sent weekly from SportWrench for manual updates. Guest officials can create an account in SportWrench but should use their foreign address when registering (an address outside of the 50 US states will not require a USAV membership number).

Anyone with an existing SportWrench ID, should change their information. Once logged into SportWrench, click on the name in the top left corner.

Change the country from United States and save the changes.

Once done, please remove your USAV membership number and save changes.

Beach Applications

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