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USA Volleyball (USAV) is the National Governing Body (NGB) for the sport of volleyball in the United States and is recognized by the Federation International de Volleyball (FIVB) and the United States Olympic Committee (USOC). The vision of USA Volleyball is to be acknowledged as the world leader in volleyball.

USA Volleyball is committed to and works toward opportunity for all to participate. It is an advocate for all Americans endeavoring to assure universal access to opportunities at all levels of the game. If you have any questions, please contact USA Vollyeball.

USAV Officials’ Assembly Leadership

Devonie McLarty

Chair | Officials Assembly

Michael McPoyle

Chair | National Indoor Officials Commission

Dave Spencer

Associate Chair | Nat'l Indoor Officials Commission, Referees

Becky Brockney

Associate Chair | Nat'l Indoor Officials Commission, Scorers

Chad Klunck

Director | RVA Nat'l Indoor Ref Development

Bill Thornburgh

Director | Nat'l Indoor Officials Camp Development

Jeff McKinney

Director | Nat'l Officials National Clinic Development

Michelle Prater

Director | Nat'l Indoor Ref Evaluation & Certification

Ross Erickson

Assistant Director | Nat'l Indoor Ref Evaluation & Certification

Marcia Costley

Director | RVA Nat'l Indoor Jr Official Development

Donnie Goodwin

RVA At-Large Ref Representative

Pati Rolf

At-Large National Indoor Referee Representative

Marcia Alterman

Member Organization Liaison

Rachael Stringer

Director | Nat'l Indoor Scorer Evaluation & Certification

Ric Washburn

Director | RVA Indoor Scorer Development

Lynne Updegraff

RVA At-Large Scorer Representative

Glo Bailey

At-Large National Indoor Scorer Representative

Steve Robb

Chair | Int'l Indoor Officials Commission

Becky Brockney

Director | Int'l Indoor Scorers

Steve Owen

Chair | Int'l/Nat'l Beach Officials Commission

Keith Murlless

Director | Beach Ref Certification & Evaluation

Steve Kenyon

Director | RVA Beach Officials Development

Ryan MacDowell

RVA At-Large Beach Representative

Katy Meyer

At-Large National Official Beach Representative

Kathy Ferraraccio

Indoor Officials Commission Consultant

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